Witnessing, movement, Truth, choosing different, support

What I’ve learned from doing energy work about transformation. Nothing beats witnessing, movement, Truth, choosing different, support.


Here’s what I’ve learned about transforming into your next level from doing energy work.

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I think this is something we are all familiar with as it is something that comes up every time when we are expanding in some area of our our lives.

And I’m talking about the beginning phase, the beginning level of your transformation. You know the stage of transformation where you have reached the point of hitting your personal ceiling. Phase of feeling stuck, stagnated and caught up in the previous way that doesn’t suit you anymore. You can feel it. And there’s this deep desire for the expansion, for to reach that next level for you. And you can feel that potential and that level starting to be available for you.

Usually this comes up together with the feeling of being highly, highly dissatisfied of the status quo. Because we feel like we’ve outgrown it. There’s a high amount, at least for me that is like how it feels like, of frustration, because you know you’re (seemingly) unable to release that energetic experience of what you have been holding on to. No matter how small the dissatisfaction seems to be. Because you yourself know that it’s an indication that you are not being as truthful, as liberated, as free, as authentic, as deeply internally connected as you could be. And that matters. It doesn’t matter whether others see it or not, (If you already are “doing great” by others standards), because you can tell.

I’ve gone through multiple, multiple spiritually-led transformative phases over plus-minus 20 years. Some of them gentle and some of them more like tower-momenty, AKA not so gentle, leading to large identity shifts (and field changes).

This is what I’ve learned: nothing beats witnessing, movement, Truth, choosing different and support. Nothing.

The most effective work in transforming from your current level to the next level and releasing those patterns, transcending those patterns that are so familiar to you in that current level, is not done in scripting (even though it’s highly important as clarity draws in energy and forward movement and it directs your energy to where you want it to go) nor is it in affirmation routines. You won’t transform the fastest to that next level by doing only affirmations. You are wasting your time if that’s what you are focusing on.

Nor is the most effective work in the energy work either because that works one level only and you need to incorporate movement in multiple levels and grounding that in.

When I look at the energy field of a person who is in that stage, in the beginning stage of that transformation and hitting that next level, I can see that both fields are active. It is a place where the person’s field has the both layers active within.

There is the potential – your higher expression, your next level, the grander, the more expansive, the more intimate level – and then there is the the current patterning and the current expression present.

The pressure we feel when we are in the beginning stage of that transformation, you know the annoyance to the status quo and the pure anger and frustration – for me those emotions immediately indicate that now we’re hitting and going to the next level and make me push to it – those uncomfortable feelings are the expansive field, the potential,the expansion emerging and pushing through. Because it comes from above and deep inside from you. It’s that level pushing out. It’s putting the pressure on your current patterning, hence the uncomfortable feelings and the pressure and the desire to do something about it. It’s kind of like giving birth: you know it’s coming out and you know it’s highlighting the current patterning. Or kind of like going to the gym or exercising. Because you know it’s the stage where you apply pressure and the work so you see the results you want.

The pressure shows you your thoughts, your beliefs, your habitual thinking and emotions. Because it highlights what’s in your current patterning, whether you were consciously aware of those or not. Whether they were hidden or known to you already or not. The pressure highlights to you what is needed to be let go of. What that next level is out of alingment within your current patterning.

But here’s the catch, and this is why movement wins over affirmations: your thoughts are merely a reflection. They are purely symbols of the energy you are holding in. Thoughts in it of theirselves are not important.

You can think of your thoughts like your brains interpretation of the energetic current of your field. They are like a language describing to you the energy of your field and patterning. The thoughts tell you what the larger energy and block is. So the right energy already resides in you. It is behind and coming through, so you don’t have to create it. You don’t have to convince or create your subconscious in that sense through affirmations. Obviously, there is going to be some belief work to be done, but there are faster ways. You just need to let and allow that potential to roam free. You don’t have to call it in. You just need to remove the blockages so that it can become your field.

This is faster. Like significantly faster. Instead of focusing on the reflection, the thoughts, focus on releasing the expansion AKA witnessing, movement, Truth, choosing different (dedication) and support.

Witnessing – being present to the current energy and experience – can be like meditation, therapy: anything where you give the time and space and your acknowledgment and your presence to the pattern. Because witnessing naturally dissolves the pattern and solidifies and centers the next level of energy and the potential into your field. Attention is power and solution to many things.

My biggest shadow work successes have come through consistent meditation instead of like once a month tantric exercises or one weekend retreats. They have come through simple, consistent meditation practice where I simply witness what happens in me. And the results have been the longest lasting. Like they haven’t gone away. They have stayed.

So movement makes it easier to get the current patterns out of your system. Movement literally moves the current patterning out of your system. Because with movement comes unstagnation. It makes obviously transformation significantly faster.

I’m referencing here to movement as a movement on multiple levels. Obviously physical body, the place where we store and hold all the patterns, our memories. Our body is the densest part of our field. The body is where “things land”. Where things become solid. Your body is the manifestation of your root chakra and your energy field. It’s a representation of your energy.

So obviously moving your body gets those emotions and thoughts and energy moving and unstagnated.

Also movement in your mental field, movement in your spiritual field, in your emotional body: movement in all levels. It gets the current patterning out of your system and also then creates the space in your personal field to be able to hold the next level in your field.

Affirmations are kind of like working in astral or doing visualizations. They both still need the body to land on. So you need to take care of the body and solidify it in the body. Move the patterns out of the body so it can land.

Because the level that you can land things is dependent on the current patterns you have in your field, in your personal field, and in your body.

Then the Truth. Your honest truth is the key holder to the next level of yours, to your potential. Because most likely the current patterns you’re experiencing are there because you haven’t been aligned with your truth fully. Due to whatever reasons. Thus now owning and speaking and strongly being in your truth unlocks the connection and it unravels the current patterns instantly.

Truth is like this Universal key to unraveling patterns in one’s field.

So the truth. When you have been moving those current patterns out of your system, you are then owning your truth. Which means you change things according to your truth.

Then choosing different is all about solidifying your new level to into your life, into your experience. Because you’re choosing different according to your truth and what you in your new level are doing.

Despite fear or other possible things that come with it.

The consistent practice grounds the new level in, the new frequency to your personal field. (Your potential to your field.)

And obviously it becomes easier the more you do it, because this action further breaks down the current patterns and grounds the new ones in.

Then – and this is especially for the peeps who are highly used to doing things on their own – the support part is highly important. Support, in the form that the next level requires, relieves you pressure, it gives you safety (and safety is crucial for fast transformation) and it makes it available to open up your energy field to even larger vision – to even larger possibilities, even larger accomplishments that you could have even imagined by yourself.

So you are doing yourself a massive disservice if you focus on transforming all alone.

But yeah, do those things and voila, watch yourself move through these expansive transformations and hit those levels and your goals and visions and desires and manifestations.

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