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I solve your business problems :

  • Sales – any profit, inconsistency, marketing, lead issue – let’s tackle it
  • Getting your customers – they are the one’s making the business, let’s understand and nurture them – and up-sell and cross-sell to them and get them to stay longer
  • Clarifying long-term vision – so you can strategically grow
  • Scaling – growth
  • Inefficient operations and processess – let’s decrease costs and do it better
  • Costs – let’s see how we decrease and optimize them
  • Talent – getting it and keeping it
  • Something going wrong – let’s look at it and see what we can do about it

by going through information you have and seeing what it is telling.

… operate great and outperform the rest 😉

I get your organization or cause to :

  • make sure it creates the impact it is after
  • see that funds are used effectively
  • increase the level of funds it has at its disposal
  • make sure everyone and everything performs great

Services :

Are individual and depend on multible variables.

Possibilities are: consultations, done-for-you, project-based individual services, subscriptions.

Let’s discuss what you want and need.

Latest projects :

Take a look – see what is possible


I am passionate about businesses thriving and making and keeping the world better.


Let’s collaborate :

Contact: stellarparadigm ( at ) proton.me

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tiina-snakin/

^ The best methods: I check my emails twice a day from Mon-Fri and dm’ing me on LinkedIn is easy.

Tableau: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/stellarparadigm/

GitHub: https://github.com/stellarparadigm/stellarprodata