1H PSYCHIC READING for getting to know your soul purpose

– to give you detailed and specific knowledge of what your soul purpose is, how to do it and where your energy field is at.


If you want to feel like the You you know you are in your life. Want both to access your potential and to get that spiritual clarity – exit the confusion land and know exactly who you are, what you came here to do and what are your next steps – not in 10 years, but in the next days, weeks and months.

So instead of

  • typing in TikTok or Google or YouTube “how to find my purpose spirituality?”
  • looking out for signs and synchronicities in numbers and symbols
  • looking at multiple tarot readings and card pickings
  • studying numerology, human design and astrological charts without action
  • looking for answers

book a reading.


Your purpose is present in your field; and with higher perception you have direct access to that information. In the session I deliberately scan it for you.

You absolutely can access that space without getting outside readings: doing daily meditation practice to increase that higher field access and on-going, systematic subconsciousness transformation practice. However, you can collapse time by getting a reading and grounding that knowledge in – now, which takes you less time – and you can feel like you, put yourself on the map and advance yourself forward.

And if you are skeptical – There is only one way to find out and that is to book a reading.


These are specific, detailed, accurate scanning psychic readings for one specific goal: to get you your access to the direct knowledge of what your soul purpose is – what you have come here to do – and how. To ground your soul purpose and your unique energetic signature in.

The 1h session is 300€ + 24% VAT.