Soul & ambition


You can set a high ambitious goals even though you’re spiritual.

You don’t need to tone down your desires, your ambitions, your desire to perform exceptionally (high performance) – even though you’re pursuing spiritual goals. The loftiness and the desire for “Oneness”, or the desire for non-desire, “non-attachment” does not mean that you cannot and should not have large visions and goals. Because your soul has them! Has one.

And has probably plenty of them. – And it has chosen to come here to do those things.
So don’t do yourself a disservice. Embrace and continue embracing those qualities even though
you are on the spiritual journey. You’re doing this energetics and spirituality on focus.

I’m Tiina. I run Stellar paradigm consulting AKA your best asset on your soul mission.

The best thing you can do for the reason you came here is mastering your own personal energetics and hitting that alignment. That is the most direct way to be in in connection with your soul desires:
the big ones and being tapped in with your Soul’s innate and previously acquired skills gifts and talents. Thereby you can harness the full power of you, create a large impact and make large
visions and goals happen by transcending your personal patterns and developing your ability to impact with your energy.

Ambitious souls – big goals.

When I’m looking at someone’s energy field, the degree and level to which they are doing what their
prepared and came here to do – their core desire and core mission and core message –
is correlated how much their field is infused, calibrated and aligned with their unhinged true Soul Essence.

This looks like clear strong current of energy that is true to their core patterning and frequency.
There is no learned nor Collective unconscious patterning (patterns) which would show up
like this fragmented parts that look like they’re being glued on top of the field.
Like unnatural parts, or memories of who they have been in this lifetime prior, their prior identities and their prior experiences. There’s none of that.

There’s this pure stream of whole core frequency – truth of theirs –

The feeling you experience when you live mostly from that place is obviously unmatched. You feel strong, you feel true to yourself, you feel like you’re in direct connection with divinity and divine intelligence.

Because you are then connected with the higher intelligence field. You’re in connection with all the information – that access that comes from being in aligned with your personal stream of consciousness – which obviously then you are also in your power because you are in being centered
in you and with all the knowledge that comes with it.

So all of this means solid center, aligned action, intuition and inner knowing and being deeply, deeply connected to your Soul’s desires and the work that you came here to do. The change that you came here to bring.

The shenanigans you came here to do 😉

As we all know. the way to access this place is purely transcending your own personal patterns.
Because those are what have your focus instead of being connected to that stream.

When you want my assistance with transcending those patterns and strategizing your soul mission to the brilliant level – so you can have great impact – apply for private coaching.