Re-connecting with soul motivation and drive


One of the best things you can do for your soul mission is learning how to reconnect to your soul motivation and drive.

I’m Tiina. I run Stellar paradigm consulting AKA your best asset on your soul mission.

I think we all recognize that we are in it for the long game when it comes to our calling. When it comes to our soul Mission, our “Destiny”.

The work that we came here to do. The change we came here to bring about.

As you know those are large goals and as recognizing that our innate calling is also highly intertwined with our lives – to the degree that they’re hardly separate, nor is there a distinction between us, our lives and our calling – as it’s important to us.

It’s the top level priority.

Because it is for the long game, we recognize that there can be time periods where things don’t go as planned always: things change. We need to readjust. We need to do, well whatever.

Long time means different phases: which means we need to be connected with our drive and
motivation so we can continue going.

Two things where I say it can boil down to:
One, making sure that you there is no confusion about what you came here to do.
As in you haven’t confused a temporary state – for example a healing phase – to be the desire and what you are born to do here – ‘cuz that motivation will drop once you’ve gone out of that phase.

If there is confusion, if you are confusing that state and that drive and that motivation
as your soul desire you will be in it for a ride when you realize that as you move from that phase, the motivation vanishes.

It’s gone ‘cuz it was there only to fuel you to go to through – for example – that transformative

The motivation of the soul desire is different.

And that is the desire you want to be connected with.

It’s different in a way obviously that it doesn’t get dropped. It’s the one thing that stays constant in all of your endeavours and that you keep going back to.

If you reflect and look at your life prior, there’s usually some kind of element, that has been driving your decision making.

That is the place which will give you clues about that soul desire of yours.

So you want to be connected with that.

You want to be connected with that actual true desire

– and then you want to be acknowledging and adjusting accordingly the long-term nature of your work and purpose here.
There can be and there most likely will be (but no need to manifest those) some sort of adversity. Not in the results you’re bringing, nor in the energy that you bring, but you know there will be times where people won’t see it like you, your vision doesn’t get understood, some people won’t believe in you.

You’ll have to adapt. There will be some kind of adjustments needed to be made.

– and if you put your motivation in the wrong corner, then you will be having harder time to be connected with that long-lasting motivation and drive, because it’s then dependent on outside like

The best way to make sure that you are linked with that soul motivation – the soul level of desire and drive – is crafting that deep intimacy within your soul and creating a team within yourself.

Which usually come from self-validation, meditation and you know joint experiences together with yourself – with your soul – and that partnership – that internal team – will keep nourishing you and being in your motivation to accomplish what you came here to accomplish.

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