Fitting in & auric field


Stop trading the most powerful energy you can have at your disposal for the comfort to fit in
– it’s diminishing your ability to perform what you came here to do.

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I think we’re all done this: start succumbing to societal or peer pressures, even if it conflicts with with us and even though we are spiritual and (haha) know better. We’re kind of suppressing or holding back or present ourselves a bit differently. And time to time wear masks to fit in to social expectations – you know because it feels nice, right? It does, and there’s some some relief to it, like feeling of normalcy, fitting into the normalcy.

This happens in the spiritual circles as well. The cultural norms are just a bit different in spiritual groups, yet they do exist.

Obviously this leads always to some level of inner dissonance and inner conflict and some level of out of alignment, which is throwing you off the flow and the centeredness. Because at the end of it, it is lying and suppressing the truth of ourselves.

And if you’re not in your truth then you are in your Shadow patterns.

Especially true with people whose spirituality is their guiding force in their life: because the small matters tend to get magnified the more work we’ve done in and on our fields.

And how could it not? In those moments we are, even though it might be a small degree, buying validation.

And I think the worst is that it doesn’t feel as bad, like it seems fairly reasonable.
And it wouldn’t be a problem unless it would indicate of the underlying theme of not trusting our Truth – a bit of a bigger problem.

(And we can demand excellence from ourselves.)

I’ve lost opportunities many times as I haven’t put my true expressions and truths out there.

That’s time wasted.

Because those energies: your truth, the truthful expression and clarity is what compels, resonate
and magnetize the most opportunities and the most resources

The niceness – the sweet desire of comfort of outside validation – inhibit those powerful moves
that compel that level of energy. That keeps your potential and your impact within your calling as well in a highly tight reign.

It affects how strongly, how fast and how effective you can do what you came here to do.

There’s a line between being courteous and then acting out of unconscious fear and giving willingly our power away.

When I look at a energy field of a person who has a high degree of desire to fit in and to be validated
by others – due to whatever reasons – it always can be seen in the auric field:

The auric field becomes like a swamp. In a way it puts your auric field in hiding – mode as you turn your truth off .

And when it’s in the hiding – mode it does exactly that. You’re not pulling in anything, you are not
influencing anything.

Your truth both sets standards – energetical standards – and naturally you being in your truth, and
your field being aligned with your truth, it naturally energetically leads without you having to consciously lead anything.

Because others can recognize it. They can feel it in your field. It compels them to match that.

So when you put validation and comfort above even in like those small little days that the situations you turn that off

– and then you lose that opportunity to impact.

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