Alignment/un-alignment tug of war


Being in higher consciousness, or higher vibration, and alignment can be easy and consistent. You don’t have to dip out of it.

If you focus on the body and your truth instead of thinking “positive thoughts only”.

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I think we are all familiar with this, as it is very common both in spiritual circles, in spiritual lingo and in spiritual groups and in the spiritually oriented way of thinking to put the time you spend in your higher consciousness state to a pedestal.

Obviously, because it is a very fun state to be in. (and the goal is to be there as much as possible)

If you have time periods of high source connection, high-levels of alignment, but then those periods are followed by of periods of un-alignment, feeling like you’re in the trenches of your human patterning, it’s not alignment problem. It’s not a mindset problem per se. It’s just a manifestation of internal blocks. Pure and simple.

The currant, that higher consciousness state, the elevated state that comes from above and deep within you. When you are in the trenches of your human patterning has done exactly that. It has hit the patterns that you have collected in your body and in your personal field. ‘Cause when it is in the body, it is in the mind and psyche as well. As they mirror each other.

And this currant hitting those internal patterns, internal blocks, your current patterning, is what is resulting in the lack of higher consciousness state, in the lack of alignment, in the lack of flow and easiness, in the lack of soul connection and in the inconsistent performance that comes with it. The ups and downs in your emotional and physical body states.

I see a lot of advice circling out there telling to examine your beliefs, do rituals and I don’t know, manifest your way to alignment and manifest your way to what you want, to manifest and create.

That is all verbal.

I’m here to tell you focus on releasing the blocks that reside in your body and in your personal field. You will get results faster.

You can shout what you want ’till your face turn turns blue, but if you don’t change the resistance that is in your personal field, you’ll stay in the same place and those ups and downs will continue with the inconsistent performance.

Movement and your truth – speaking it, acting on it – are both what will get those blocks removed. Movement in your body and movement in the personal field.

The less blocks you have in your body and in your personal field, the more you are in your higher consciousness state. Which is your natural state.

This is my personal pet peeve in the spiritual circles. If the patterning in the body is not addressed, then block hasn’t gone away for good. ‘Cause it is there where it resides.

I don’t care how many spiritual insight you have collected. If it is in the body, it’s still there. And it still keeps manifesting. And keeping you in the same state. ‘Cause you can have insights, plenty of insights, you can understand where the patterns come, you can understand the big meanings behind it all. You can understand it, you can have revelations here – your spiritual center above you – can have them, but you need to in order for you to have that consistent, gorgeous flow to release it from the body and from the personal fields as well.

‘Cause I think we all know why we want to be in that state more often. ‘Cause when you’re in that state – where you are in your truth – it’s very high impact state. You can achieve a lot of things when you’re in it.

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