Transformation & resistance


How to successfully deal with the resistance in half the time.

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I think we’re all familiar with resistance as it is something that comes up pretty much every time we are expanding in some area of our lives. To a variety of degree. Resistance is the inner conflict of one part of you wanting the expansion and the other one resisting the living s* out of it.

And that tug of war is keeping you in a state of immobility. The desire you simply could just get. Or the desire of you wanting to be something you could just embody and be, but instead doing so you’re twirling in the resistance and in the repetitive patterns and in the past behavior avoiding unconsciously opportunities and practices that would actually lead you out of it and change the circumstances.

A personal story: whenever I’ve had this type of resistance in my life and I’ve allowed them to continue too long without addressing them, they have always led to “tower moments” where I’ve had no choice but to deal with them head on.

Resistance stays mainly because of fears. You know fears can camouflage themselves as rationality, as being reasonable, understanding and, I don’t know, whatever. There’s no Universal one-reason for the fear. Obviously the fears fall under similar categories, but your personal resistance is something lovingly unique to you.

In order for you to deal with the resistance, they need to be analyzed so they can be dealt with. You know, you can be simply fearing the change or losing control or fear the unknown or losing attachments.

Or usually with people with certain types of soul missions, there’s also fear of perceived risk. Sometimes possibly very real risks, so you need to analyze the fear in order for you to excellently handle them.

This is how resistance looks like energetically in someone’s field: when I look at the energy field of a person who has resistance to to their desire – to what they want –

I can see two fields. One, the expansion field and the second, the current field. They are both available and circulating. The expansion field is either outside encapsulating. Or if it’s an idea, then it has its own field and it is somewhere nearby. So both of the fields are available and circulating. However, the current field – the place where the resistance is – is being diminished by the fear. The fear has made the energy field to be hard, like encapsulated, and it’s turning inwards and it keeps circulating the energy inside, but it’s kind of like locked in.

All the focus and energy goes inwards, basically to protect yourself. Because fear is always there to alert that we might need to be protected in some form. So the field does exactly that. And thus it also shows up in your thinking, as like the resistant thinking, because thoughts are merely a symbol of describing the energy that you’re experiencing in your field.

The solution, when the field is so hard, encapsulated and turned inwards and in a state of immobility because of the resistance and the desire cannot come in as there is no energy to pull anything in because you know the field resists it nor is there any desire nor active flowing energy to go and grab the thing you’re desiring, so you’re in the tug of war, in the state of resistance and immobility, is to handle the fears head on. Straight and direct. And if there is fears around releasing the fear then that is most definitely something that you want to be addressing and going directly into.

Otherwise the resistance keeps circulating and you are diminishing what you are capable of doing. You’re diminishing your calling, your contribution and your ability to go to that next level.

Like there is most definitely time for “the delulu”, but there’s also the time for intelligent action. You get where you want faster by addressing your fears. There’s no need to deny or pretend they are not there. Because once you’ve addressed them, they are gone. And you don’t have to go through the ups and downs which happen when both of the fields are active.

So if you have resistance in your field, which is making your current field hard and encapsulated and not welcoming, that will create the ups and downs. You’re getting closer, but not quite reach the goal what you want. So when you release the fears, you open up that field. Then you can pull in or have that flowing energy to go after what you want and magnetize it.

Basically, in the end it will boil down to one thing: which one will win, either your desire to be dedicated to yourself or your dedication to your fears.

It’s either or.

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