Mastering personal energetics & alignment


The best thing I ever did for me and for my purpose of coming here was dedicating myself to mastering myself.

Mastering both my personal energetics and mastering my alignment.

I’m Tiina. I run Stellar Paradigm Consulting aka your best asset on your soul mission.

The biggest thing you can do for the reason that you are you came here for as a soul is mastering your own energetics – obviously.

One, it will make sure that you are tapped in on your Divine Intelligence. Two, it will make sure you are tapped in on your innate skills and gifts acquired by your soul. All the experiences you have acquired prior. Three, it makes sure that you are in your power. Obviously we need that with whatever we are doing here. Four, it makes sure that you’re in alignment and your priorities are in order. Five, it will take care excellently off your energy management. Your energy field management. Including directing your energy, time and resources without you having to consciously do about something for it. Six, it will naturally guide you.

All of which mean that you are in your absolute badass, powerful, powerfully intuitive, highly intelligent, tapped into your skills and gifts powerhouse State AKA very powerful player. And thus being able to do your thing here:

with more precision, more impact and greater leverage.

So switching your focus from meditating for guidance to mastering your own energy allows you to directly switch to your soul’s purpose. It’s far more effective and far more efficient.

In terms of energy fields: the more you are able to transform and align your personal patterns, the more you’re able to hold your true core frequency, your own true patterning, your own energetic signature. And the more of that – the more of your soul you hold – the more positively unhinged player you can be.

I personally love that as a challenge.

Want to pull off your soul mission shenanigans?

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