Subconsious and habits and identity shift – ur 3 best friends instead of morning affirmations and guided visualizations

As u are living your life doing your thing with solid spiritual perspective, practise and routine: living your life as you please and working your field and keeping growing and evolving and transforming yourself, being in your unapolotegic, authentic, real truth and you.

The desires always revolve around

  • manifesting your visions and goals
  • succeeding in what you came here to do
  • removing blockages and patterns that are limiting you or holding you back
  • deeper internal connection and true expression
  • doing your purpose
  • transformation even deeper to your soul’s potential – seeing and showing off what you are made of
  • experiencing strong, loving higher connection

To experience these faster – and stable –

instead of setting intentions and letting go (if you know that you have blockages or have been previously limited)

or saying the desire and seeing it unfold and waiting, go to your

– identity and subconscious thinking –

The way your current identities might be limiting your full expression.

The way your subconscious thinking – and emotions and memories – might be limiting your full expression.

If you want to release blockages and limitations, drop into subconscious work.

This is what I do with clients.

Don’t let the morning affirmation loyalists convince you otherwise.

Don’t do morning affirmations and guided visualizations to change beliefs. Do subconscious integration and conscious habit change and change the current identity you hold of yourself to a better one

Subconscious is the part of the mind that operates under the conscious mind. It operates the body’s automatic systems, but what we are interested in are:

  • the memory storage aspect of subconscious: the subconscious stores memories – including emotions.
  • the way it operates as the belief systems storage: core values, core beliefs and perception of the world and ourselves are there
  • and the habit formation part: it takes care of forming and maintaining the habits and routines.

Which tells you: if you consciously change your habits, your routines, your identity – you can change your subconscious – which runs the results for you!

Subconsciousness affects the body and body affects the subconsciousness – it goes both ways. Emotional memories in the subconscious mind has a way to trigger body’s physiological responses or have psychosomatic symptoms. Beliefs show in the way you carrie yourself and the way you express yourself. And the the body’s physiological and physical state affect the subconscious.

Beliefs run the identity and the identity is how you play out in the world.

You’ve got beliefs about your worth, your abilities, your inherent qualities, your ability to succeed, what the world is like, what social and intimate relations are like, how the future is, what others are like, who you are.

And – affirmations are not the fastest way to change beliefs.

This is how it is done:


Easy-peasy: One, integrate memories and emotions + two, lead with habits first to change subconscious. Consiously create new habits that are the same as the best you has and let the subconscious handle the rest.


Instead of affirmations (that do not involve emotional nor memory integration nor uprooting the root belief thus not as effective) have your self-awareness work for you: when you notice the belief or the thinking, challenge, reframe or change the thought/belief on the spot. Do the deeper work and get you emotions and memories involved. Ask yourself “What is this telling me about myself?” and go through the memory and emotions until you know what the thought/belief is and then you can change it directly. Or just talk yourself the new belief about you that overrides the old one – on the spot.

You can feel the relief in the body when you get it right, because as the mind and subconscious change, so does the body’s state.


The body stores memories and emotions. It reflects the subconscious. The beliefs and belief sets guide the body. This is why I can tell what is going on in your subconsciousness by looking what is going on in your body.

Working through the body brings up beliefs, roles and identities, and thoughts and emotions and memories.

Body and body’s alignment to your true expression, what you emanate – aka how big it can highlight it – is affected by: what you consume, what you you believe in, what cultural and societal concepts you subscribe to and what memories and emotions you have stored in.

Thus, movement and diet are the two key roles to take a handle on.

Body – and especially consumption – is the part I see neglected the most. You could be even stronger and spiritually more free and authentic if you did the alignment work of the body.

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The problem isn’t that you are not doing enough morning affirmations –

– it’s either your subconscious thinking, body or beliefs –