The healing phase just keeps continuing

that is preventing you to getting to action!

So you are fully immersed in the spiritual healing phase: sound healing, mantras, chanting, self-love, softness to the body, meditation, restorative yoga, body work.

You thought this would lead you right back into your work here.

And to some parts it has – but not in significant amounts. Your lifestyle is now pleasant because of it, but you don’t have the thing you are ought here to do.

What you want?

More action?

More umph?

More your badass soul!

More actual doing your purpose and exploration of your potential ~

If you think the answer to this is more meditation, especially, more alignment meditations.

It is not.

What you actually need to do is to:

– Create a container for the purpose –

The problem is that you haven’t created the room and the avenue for the purpose and the exploration of your potential in that realm. To get that avenue flowing – and enter out of that endless healing phase – create a container for your purpose.

Do that together: