No man is an island

Feeling like you are standing alone on top of a hilltop looking down on the ground and seeing the work that is to be done and seeing no-one else down there nor beside u?

Feelig slightly isolate and alone as doing your purpose?

Doing your thing though: practical and hands-on, down in mud: changing things from the ground up.

Feeling content – though a bit dragged down. Worrying a bit if you are making large enough impact.

To get what you want:

  • see your work here succeeding
  • your energy field and inner frequency lifting things up easier
  • know if you are doing the right thing with your work here / your purpose
  • see the larger picture
  • have even clearer understanding and connection to your soul’s desire and vision here

Don’t just keep going and keep doing, nor simply accept that these sort of things happen in isolation. Or focus on meditating even more.

Like this is good. What you are doing is good. But what would take you to brilliant?

– Change this idea in your head that there isn’t anyone who you could turn to – so you can start to see that there actually is plenty here! –

You’ll be rejuvinated, filled with new inspiration and motivation, got support and uniquely connected to your soul’s desire and vision –

Work together: